Guide to Shipping Electronic Goods To UAE

If you have a business that deals with electronics, you will have to be conscious of the fact that there are restrictions in the UAE that are not present in other countries. You will have to do your research on what needs to be done for shipping your products. These are some of the factors to be considered, and this blog will guide you through the process.

Why Do Companies Ship to UAE?

There are a number of reasons why companies may choose to ship to the UAE:

  1. The UAE has a large and growing economy and is an important market for many companies.
  2. The UAE has a well-developed infrastructure and a reputation for being a safe and stable country.
  3. shipping to the UAE is not without its risks. The country is located in a volatile region, and there have been a number of terrorist attacks in the UAE in recent years.
  4.  The UAE has strict laws and regulations, and companies may face significant fines if they do not comply with these regulations.

How to ship electronics to UAE?

When shipping electronics to the United Arab Emirates, it is important to take into account the restrictions and regulations that are in place in order to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and without any issues.

There are a few things to keep in mind when packing and shipping electronics to the UAE:

  1. All electronics must be properly labeled and declared on the shipping paperwork. This includes a detailed description of the item, as well as its value.
  2. Shipping insurance is highly recommended, as electronics are valuable items that can be damaged during transit.
  3. It is advisable to use a reputable shipping company that has experience shipping electronics to the UAE, in order to avoid any delays or problems with Customs.

What are the Duties on Electronics to UAE?

There are a few duties on electronics when shipping to the United Arab Emirates. First, all items must be declared on the customs form. Second, there is a 10% duty on all electronics. Finally, there is a 20% VAT on all electronics. All of these charges must be paid before the goods can be released from customs.

 What are the Restrictions on Shipping to UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a number of restrictions on what can be shipped into the country. These restrictions are in place in order to protect the safety and security of the UAE and its citizens. Some of the items that are restricted from being shipped into the UAE include weapons, ammunition, explosives, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and Additionally, there are restrictions on shipping live animals and plants into the UAE. These restrictions are in place to ensure that the UAE remains a safe and secure place to live and work.


The UAE has several tax and regulatory issues that make shipping electronic items to the country a daunting task, so it is advisable that you take care of these aspects in varied ways.