Festival Fashion Gives Streetwear in Riyadh a New Twist

Soundstorm organized by MDLBEAST has created a cultural butterfly effect. The effects are felt and seen not only in the performing arts scene in the Middle East region but also in fashion in the area. Streetwear in Riyadh has transformed in the last few years massively. And sustainable clothing line Bani Beast has influenced this change the most. 

Streetwear is basically casual clothing inspired by 90s fashion. It was mainly witnessed in New York hip-hop fashion and the California surfing subcultures. Owing to the emergence of the artistic subculture in the Middle East, street style is on the rise in Riyadh. With the ban on public music and entertainment lifted, streetwear was also introduced to Riyadh’s fashion scene. And with the rising popularity of music, art, and festivals in the region, festival wear is also becoming increasingly chic. 

Why is Bani Beast so popular?

Alongside bringing festival wear and streetwear to the forefront of Riyadh’s fashion scene, Bani Beast successfully merges tradition with trends. Before 2016 fashion in Riyadh and other regions of the Middle East was dominated by traditional silhouettes and high-end couture. But with Bani Beast, festival and street fashion are getting a Bedouin twist. The brand is mixing contemporary minimalism with traditional silhouettes. The brand is also known for its sustainable approach to street fashion. The materials are environmentally conscious and the business practices follow an ethical and sustainable framework. 

3 Revolutionizing Outerwear by Bani Beast

Functional farwa – Functionality and sustainability are at the core of all designs of Bani Beast. The functional farwas can be transformed into duffle bags for easy carrying. The buttons along the hem allow the wearer to easily attach any other minimal or modular farwas with the same. The top layer of the farwa is made of water-repellent material, making it ideal festival wear that can withstand any weather. 

Tie-dye hoodie – One of the primary features of the tie-dye hoodie by Bani Beast is its uniqueness. Each hoodie is hand-made therefore, the patterns are unique. Due to the hand-crafted nature of the product, this is a limited-edition product. Maintaining sustainability at the forefront, the product is largely made from cotton and some recycled polyester. To ensure great comfort during the long hours of Soundstrom and other festivals the fit of this outerwear is quite relaxed. 

Tribe Scarf – Along with outerwear the brand also offers a wide range of accessories for the festival goers of Riyadh and the Middle East region. For a longest time, scarves have played a critical role both in traditional Middle Eastern fashion, as well as streetwear in the West. Inspired by Bohemian and Bedouin fashion the brand has fashioned the 100% cotton scarf. Scarves can also be an important accessory during days-long festivals to protect the wearer from the harsh weather of Riyadh. 

Alongside functionality and sustainability, Bani Beast has ensured the comfort of the wearers. Streetwear and festival wear fashion are rapidly developing in Riyadh, with the music festivals in the region. Brands like Bani Beast have tapped into the hearts and souls of the Middle Eastern youth and their self-expression. 
Now it’s your time to add your unique twist to streetwear in Riyadh with the incredible pieces from Bani Beast.